OurDoings Dropbox Setup Now Even Easier

(Bruce Lewis) Dropbox is a service that automatically synchronizes folders between computers, meaning if you make a change on one computer, that change automatically goes to the other computer.  If one or both computers are disconnected from the Internet, the change will still go through when they are.  As a bonus, it acts as an effortless backup system.  You can even recover deleted files.

It's also the best photo uploader anywhere.  It works very reliably in the background, and you can choose photos to upload even when you're not connected to the Internet.  It's perfect for traveling.  But the only full-featured photo site you can upload to through it is OurDoings.  All you have to do is share a Dropbox folder with box@ourdoings.com and wait.  A file will show up that lets you tie your folder to your OurDoings site (or lets you create one if you haven't yet).  Then just copy photos to that folder, and OurDoings will put them on the web.

This is easier than the setup involved when we first integrated Dropbox last year.  If you've been meaning to try it, or if you've been meaning to recommend OurDoings to someone, now's the time!

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