Easier, faster photo sharing

We've restyled our site, but this video still describes our easier, faster experience. See also the Hassle-Free Photo Upload video.

Photo uploading that's easy on you

Automatically grouped by date taken. Duplicates detected. Desktop: Export to OurDoings from any photo management software (via Dropbox), use our button with the Picasa photo organizer, use the XP Web Publishing Wizard, or make a zip archive to post via web. Mobile: Post by email, or apps: Instagram, Pixelpipe, Dropbox or hellotxt.

Photo browsing that's easy on the eyes

Web page for each month attractively groups photos by date. Add headlines/text to be even more blog-like. Archive works intuitively, by when you did something, not when you posted about it. To keep the month page easy to browse, days with too many photos show the first few or selected few with a "more photos" link that leads to a page just for that day. Maps for geocoded photos. Easy integration with Disqus and other services. Custom styling. Finger-swipe slide show on iPad/iPhone/etc.

Photo sharing that's easy on your friends

Email updates feature puts thumbnails/text right in the message (no clicking) and helps you send only new entries. One-click Facebook export creates an album for this month automatically. Mobile version optimized for in-person sharing on smart phones. RSS feeds work with background switchers, many wireless digital photo frames, and other services like Google Reader and Flipboard.

Closed to new users